"Design a new product for Weltevree outdoor bathing product group"

For my graduation project I designed a new way to heat the Dutchtub by Weltevree. The project started with the idea to design a new hottub, but the focus shifted towards designing the heating method. By focusing on the stove, the project became more in-depth than the previous brief would allow. The end result of the project was a detailed proof of concept of the new stove, as well as a recommendation for a new tub. 


Weltevree is a Dutch product label located in Arnhem. The brand focusses on luxury outdoor products that invite people to look differently at their surroundings. Their design language is user-centered and functional. The products are comfortable without pampering.

Weltevree wants add a product to their outdoor bathing collection. This consists of the Dutchtubs, the product on which Weltevree was founded. Through researching the brand, competition, trends, and a technical analysis, multiple design directions were discovered. The chosen direction focused on making the Dutchtub more eco-friendly.

During the ideation phase the idea of using woodpellets as fuel for a rocketstove manifested. During this phase the focus shifted towards the development of the pellet-rocketstove. This was quickly  prototyped and deemed feasible. Further design created the interaction of the product. The main benefits of the concept are: quicker heating of the bathwater, improved ease of use, almost complete negation of smoke emissions.

Three prototypes were created and tested, of which one was deemed the most successful. The concept was then simulated and finetuned using Solidworks Flow. This gave the insight needed to decide on the engineering details.

This design was further detailed to become ready for manufacturing. From this concept the bathtub was designed. This tub consists of the geometry of the Dutchtub Original with a recessed section to house the rocketstove.


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