"Redesign the Princess Airfryer"

The assignment during this project was "improve the Princess AirFryer".

During this project a concept was developed from brief to near production ready concept, including sketches, renders, technical drawings, and formstudies. From the research in the ergonomics and workings of airfryers we decided that changes were necessary to both the heating and the interaction with the device.

One complaint with the existing device was the way it tumbled the food, usually crushing it. We positioned the container under an angle to gently tumble the food instead. By making the lid see-through this makes for an appetizing view of the food being prepared.

We added an extra button to the device to control the temperature, thereby giving the user more control.

This project had quite a technical aspect. The most important quality of a frying pan is after all making delicious crispy fries. This was one of the main focus points, to level the quality of food with existing oilbased frying pans.

We started with researching ways to convey heat to the fries. After testing multiple setups we concluded that longwave infrared heatingelements were the most appropriate option. We positioned the heating element below the container, since we learned in our research direct absorption of the radiation by the food resulted in a lack of crispyness.


The second focus was the container. We learned that when food just passed the thawing point, it would become very limp. By positioning the container under an angle we made it gently tumble the food instead of crushing it. This way the food was stirred and heated from all sides, yet remained intact.

The final challenge was applying the Princess designlangue and aesthetics to our technical concept. After analyzing the brand and isolating the strongest visual cues we cladded our product with brushed stainless steel plating and black plastic parts to fit in the existing lineup.


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