"In one week, design a Philips product that enhances the bathroom"

During the Minor Allround Design one week was dedicated to collaboration with international students. The main focus for this week was a challenge from Philips: make epilating better.



This project started with the assignment to improve the process of epilating. During the briefing we were informed that the average woman spends 41 minutes every day in front of a mirror. This shocking (to us anyway) fact forced us to rephrase the challenge. We decided to focus our efforts one level above the assignment, on a more abstract level.

The concept we came up with encompasses a sort "AI assistant", in the likes of Siri/Cortana/Google Now, for in the bathroom. This device can alter the entire atmosphere of the bathroom, especially in combination with existing Philips products such as Hue lighting, or sound installations.

The other main feature of this device is wireless charging, which turns it into the central point of attention in the bathroom.


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