"Design a perfume bottle based on the perfume itself "

During the Minor Allround Design we were assigned to design a set of perfume bottles based on the perfume itself. This assignment was part of the course Colours&Semantics, during which we learned about Semiotics, Symbolism, and Semantics.
Based on the perfume I made a list of associations, from which a moodboard was distilled. This moodboard served as the foundation for the design of the bottles.
This project was very conceptual and high touch, and for me an interesting dive in symbolism


We received the scent embedded in a scrap of paper. At first the scent struck me as fresh and upbeat, while later the basenotes uncovered a more subtle and elegant sensation.
From this a list of associated words and meanings was made, which was translated into a moodboard. I started sketching until i found an appropriate aesthetic. The multiple layers and the transformative nature of the scent are referenced in both the moodboard as well as the final design.


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