"A watch that embodies time both inside and outside, allowing time to be experienced visually"

Ive always been fascinated by timepieces. I think its funny how humans are pretty much the only animal that is so driven by, and focused on time. I also wanted to create something precious that you didn’t have to worry about wearing. It doesn’t matter if this watch gets dirty or scratched, all that makes it more unique, and more true to the wearer.

This project started with the material. I wanted to design something from bronze or copper, since I’d never worked with either. Early on I decided it should be something that was to be used and kept close to the owner. It was easy to combine this thought with another project I wanted to tackle: to create a watch.

The concept for this watch revolves around time. The body is made of cast bronze, one of the oldest ways we know to shape the material, and the materials progress in time towards the center. This way the appearance moves through time as well. The imperfect, rough bronze will age through wear and patina, and the smooth, shiny inside is preserved.


The dial is made out of satin finished stainless steel. I chose for a clean, modern look. The movement uses a 24 hour hand instead of the regular 12 hour cycle. This gives a clearer indication of elapsed time during a day. The day starts and ends at the bottom, and makes one complete revolution.

I made several prototypes of the body. I used 3D printing to quickly iterate during the designprocess. As of march 2017, the first prototype of the body was made.


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